The Commonwealth has much to lose if the 2020 census is not fair and accurate.

What's At Stake For Pennsylvania



Pennsylvania could easily lose one to two (or more) representatives in the U.S. House of Representatives based on the 2020 census, especially if the count misses key communities in the Keystone State like kids, people of color, immigrants, and others who have been historically undercounted. The census will also have a direct impact on state house and senate districts in the Commonwealth.


Community leaders rely on census data to make decisions about allocating resources in Pennsylvania for education, health care, housing, veterans, seniors, and much more. Without accurate data, leaders will miss important community needs.

Community Support

The census helps us understand Pennsylvania’s communities more clearly: not only where people live, but also what languages they speak, how much education they have completed, income levels, family makeup, racial identity, and so much more.

Having an accurate representation of Pennsylvania’s communities will help our leaders and businesses identify emerging problems and opportunities, and plan good investments for a decade to come.


We need a plan to make sure that the 2020 census is done right, and that Pennsylvania is counted fairly and accurately.

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