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Keystone Counts



The Coalition for a Fair and Accurate 2020 Census

The census is required by the Constitution to ensure fair political representation. But community leaders also rely on this data to make good decisions about schools, hospitals, housing, and other community needs. We need a plan to make sure that the 2020 census is done right, and that Pennsylvania is counted fairly and accurately.



Census Accuracy is Essential

What’s At Stake For Pennsylvania

The Commonwealth could easily lose one or more representatives in the House of Representatives based on the 2020 census, and it will have a direct impact on state house and senate districts. Community leaders also rely on census data to make decisions about allocating resources for education, health care, housing, veterans, seniors, and much more.


State representation
in Washington, D.C. is determined by the census. Let's make sure it's accurate.


Not all populations are counted equally

Who Might Be Missed?

Conducting an accurate census has always been a difficult task, with some groups more likely to be missed than others. Kids, immigrants, people of color, low-income households, and rural households all present challenges for counting accurately and fairly, and the 2020 census will face new obstacles for overcoming those challenges.



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Keystone Counts is a nonpartisan coalition of advocacy groups, service providers, and community organizations joined together to build an education and outreach effort for a fair and accurate 2020 census.